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Canadian Chinese Idol,是中国-华谊兄弟音乐等,一系列的国家现代歌坛顶级团队,在北美海选星才的平台;是中国演艺事业走向世界的一片门户。也是相对American Idol,British Idol,Canadian Idol等,专为北美华裔星才设立的,直接通往中国大陆及海外顶级歌坛的现实星途。


2010年Canadian Chinese Idol自当年08月16日起,举事6个月,由中国顶级制作团队,中国-华谊兄弟音乐,首当领衔;又加英皇星艺娱乐EEG(中国)入局。2010年10月17日,华谊兄弟音乐领导,在大多伦多中华文化中心-开幕晚会现场,另2011年02月17日,英皇星艺(中国)领导,在列治文山艺术中心的-闭幕晚会现场,分别与中国驻多伦多总领馆文化领事一起,向大会总策划-徐浚清,颁发了特别授权证书,和与大会的共同合作证书。中国当代顶红歌星,超级女声第三届冠军——尚雯婕,特别担纲"加华星秀"的荣誉代言。

更强震撼的是:加拿大政府最高首脑—国家时任总理Stephen Harper,于2011年02月17日下午14:30,大会总决赛当日,在办公室单独地专门召见了,大会的最高代表:总策划-徐浚清,及荣誉代言-尚雯婕。并为大会的海报和纪念卡,关心地留下总理的亲笔签字。足可称为:加拿大国家,赋予大会的特别荣誉!

多少时,多少批华裔有为青年,望穿眼帘,望尽星空,苦苦寻求,奋奋疾呼:为什么那里就没有我们的一片空间、一次机会——让我们释放星光、展露风采。 北美——加拿大,这个多元文化的国度,蕴藏着一批有双重文化背景的华裔星才。他们有着特殊的双重文化优势,如得适宜途径,他们将迸发耀眼星光。

Canadian Chinese Idol (CC-Idol)

Canadian Chinese Idol (CC-Idol), 加拿大华人新星出秀(加华星秀), is the leading singing competition for Canadian Chinese in Canada. This project has been officially collaborating with China's #1 Production Company/Record Label, the H.Y. Brothers Music Inc., which is leading China's contemporary entertainment industry. Laura Shang, as the China's top POP Superstar, is CC-idol's Honourable Representative since the Beginning. In Sept 2006 Laura won the 1St Place at China's nationwide Singing Competition - "Super Girl of China" (China's "America Idol"). And recently, Laure was again voted #1 Female Singing Star in all of China on April 24Th, 2011, after a nationwide "people's choice" voting, presented by the China's national radio broadcasters - China General People Radio Broadcast. On Feb.17Th, 2011 the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, specially invited the CC-idol's Chief Organizer Jonison Hisu, the Honourable Representative Laura Shang and the Executive Director Jennifer Shen for a meeting in his office in Toronto. This visit was another "first" for Chinese artists in Canada.

CC-Idol was first launched in Sept. 2009, as an annual contest which spanned over a 5 month period and covers: preliminary, semi and the grand finale audition and performances. September 2011, marks the 3rd consecutive year for CC-Idol. In all three of these events, China sent some of their general leaders, top national producers and production company executives to attend as sponsors and judges. China's top superstar Laura Shang made a number of historical trips to Toronto and Canada as a very special guest performer at the opening and closing ceremonies last year, and she will return to Canada same way this year. The Consulate General of China in Toronto and the Mayor of Markham also made appearances at these events. Jonison also organized an original English song recording with Music Director/producer Peter Linesman and Laure Shang. The collaboration resulted in a new song called "We Will Fly" which was released in China and is very popular with Laure's fans and China's DJ's.

CC-Idol has attracted the attention of many Toronto Chinese Media: reported, witnessed and participated in CC-Idol's continuous progress and activities. Those included are the well known Chinese daily newspaper: Ming Pao Daily News, Sing Tao Daily. Also weekly press: Northstar Press, American Life News, North America Weekly Times, Global Chinese Press, American Weekend News, Canadian City Post and many more have also given a wide coverage of CC- Idol. One of CC-Idol's lead sponsors is The Toronto Sun newspaper, who has donated approximately $50,000 in advertisement space for promoting numerous CC-Idol events. CC-Idol can also be found on several of Toronto's well-known Chinese web media, such as www.newnews.ca , www.yorkbbs.ca , www.torcn.com , www.51.ca, www.torontotv.org, and www.tsctv.net. etc.

Portrayed as "a grand singing competition exploring Canadian Chinese talent", CC-idol has drawn many well-qualified participants as professional singers, vocal students, singers who have competed in other singer competitions, etc. The event has truly setup a platform for a high standard singing competition in the Canadian Chinese Community. CC-idol hopes to build a bridge to further connect Canada and China in the contemporary music field.

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